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30 Minute Session - $95
45 Minute Session - $125
60 Minute Session - $160
60 Minute Session/Hot Stones - $180
60 Minute Session/Cupping - $190
75 Minute Session - $195
90 Minute Session - $235


(All sessions covered by C.G., Argus and BF&M Insurance providers. Payment is required to be paid in full at the time of service and you will be provided with an invoice to submit to your provider for reimbursement, amount varies depending on your policy, please check with your provider for exact coverage.)

         Cupping Massage          

      Hot Stone Massage          

      Therapeutic Massage          

      Prenatal Massage          


"I visit Rudi for regular massages to manage chronic back pain from scoliosis. I have seen many therapists and Rudi works best for me. I find Rudi has exactly the right pressure - deep enough to feel the benefits but not painful. He is skillful in his movements to release tight muscles. The massage is enjoyable and the benefits I feel afterward is immediate and long lasting. Highly recommend." - L.S.

"As a pianist and gardener, I'm prone to lower back issues. About a year ago, I booked my first appointment with Rudi Haak, and soon became a regular client on a bi-weekly basis. Beyond Rudi's skill in eliminating the discomfort in my back, every treatment provides me with feelings of general well being and profound tranquility. I consider my sessions with Rudi a highlight of my life, and cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone seeking an outstanding massage therapist." - P.C.

"My husband and I have been visiting Rudi for months and he always knows just what to do to provide the best healing. He is intuitive, very attentive and sensitive to what your body needs, offering just the right amount of pressure as needed.

Rudi is a very talented massage therapist. I'd highly recommend this place and Rudi to anyone!" -  A.S.

"I had a stiff neck so I booked a session with Rudi. He not only gave me one of the best neck massages I have ever had, but he discovered the

root of the pain I was experiencing and worked out that issue as well.
He relieved so much tension in just one hour. Later that day, I experienced deep relaxation." - S.C.

"Rudi is my holistic doctor, he is deeply intuitive and incredibly knowledgeable.  His treatments are preventative, zeroing in on what needs to be addressed.  Rudi is a true healer.’" - K.D.

"Feeling wonderfully relaxed and pain free after seeing Rudi today. He is professional, highly skilled and delightfully calm.

Highly recommended." - J.K.

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