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The Ancient Minerals Magnesium footbath kit is our most convenient magnesium bath application yet! It provides relaxation when you need it, and allows you to replicate the ancient practice of balneotherapy at home (or when traveling) with a mineral-rich footbath.






Sourced from concentrated seawater deposits found approximately 2 miles beneath the earth’s surface in the ancient Zechstein seabed, our pure magnesium chloride offers superior absorption and potency compared to other forms of magnesium.


How To Use


1. Inflate base valve first followed by both outer valves. A hand pump can be used if preferred.

2. Place on flat surface (ideally final location) and fill with warm water. Do not exceed the “maximum fill” line. 

Always use carrying handles if moving bath with water.

3. Pour entire contents of the included Ancient Minerals Magnesium Bath Flakes.

4. Submerge feet. Relax and rejuvenate for 20 minutes.

Warning: Ensure water is not too hot. Dry before deflating and storing. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Why topical magnesium?


    Since ancient times, people have bathed in mineral-rich hot springs to reap the many health benefits that come from taking in minerals like magnesium and sulfur through the skin, a practice known as balneotherapy. Today, people all over the world continue to seek out hot springs for healing and rejuvenation.

    Topical magnesium is a convenient and effective way to replicate the ancient art of balneotherapy. It also allows you to maximize your daily magnesium intake without additional pills or the laxative effect often caused by oral supplements. And it can be applied directly where you need it most, with immediate results. Ancient Minerals® topical magnesium products offer a powerful way to replenish magnesium at a cellular level through your most efficient organ of absorption—your skin.


    At-home balneotherapy

    Provides the ideal environment for optimal mineral absorption via water immersion, and allows you to replicate the ancient practice of balneotherapy at home or away.



    Made with medical grade PVC, the Ancient Minerals footbath has a cushioned base, and is ultra-soft and easy to inflate.




    On vacation, a business trip, or at home, rejuvenation begins with magnesium. Nourish your skin and relax your muscles, while easing tension and stiffness in tired feet.

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