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  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Natural defense against seasonal illness*
  • Organic glycerin-based tincture blend


Feel your best each day with the dynamic immune-supporting herbal blend in our Immunity Boost Organic herbal supplement.


Designed to help power your body’s natural defenses year-round, this blend is your wellness ally, infusing your day with antioxidants and nutrients that help bolster your immune system with every drop. Blending traditional herbal wisdom with contemporary wellness insights, this supplement is an investment into your health, supporting a strong and robust immune system to keep your body balanced and on-guard against environmental stressors and seasonal threats.


With Echinacea, Elderberry, Thyme, Sage, Yarrow, and Lemon Balm, you can now harness the power of these tried-and-true botanicals, each selected for their deep-rooted history in herbal medicine, to support immune function and overall well-being. Don't let a body out of balance tip the scales against your defense system - add Immunity Boost to your daily routine to support a healthy and happy life, helping you stay at your best no matter what comes your way.* 


Immunity Boost is a glycerin-based tincture blend with a naturally spicy-herbaceous flavor that can be enjoyed straight from the dropper or added into water, juice, tea, or other favorite beverages.

Immunity Boost Organic Herbal Supplement

  • Echinacea Root*, Elderberry*, Thyme Aerial Parts*, Sage Leaf*, Yarrow Flower*, Lemon Balm Aerial Parts*, Vegetable Glycerin (flax-derived)*, Purified Water

    *Certified Organic Ingredient

    How to Use

    Shake well before use. Take 2 dropperfuls (approx. 1.5 mL) 1-3 times daily in water or juice.

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